HB22-1064 (Mullica & Bacon/Priola & Fields) Prohibit Flavored Tobacco Regulate Synthetic Nicotine

Originally Posted: April 8, 2022
Last Updated: April 8, 2022


This bill prohibits a cigarette, tobacco product, or nicotine product retailer from selling or marketing any flavored nicotine/ tobacco product. It imposes penalties for selling any flavored products to minors.  Additionally, this bill directs the prevention services division in the Department of Public Health and Environment to convene a working group which will administer a grant program to award 2-year grants to applicants who are able to provide services in communities disproportionately impacted by targeted tobacco and nicotine marketing and sales. The bill appropriates $10 million from the general fund to the department for this grant program.  


The Colorado Children’s Campaign supports this bill. Colorado’s youth vaping rate continues to be very high in relation to the rest of the country, and we know that flavored products, including e-cigarettes, are appealing to and highly utilized by youth. Eight out of ten youth who have tried tobacco started with a flavored product. Banning the sale of flavored nicotine products is a critical way to reduce youth use of nicotine, which negatively impacts health and harms the developing brain. 

Current Status

The bill passed out of the House Finance Committee and now heads to Appropriations.