HB21-1106 (Duran & Mullica/Bridges & Hansen) Safe Storage of Firearms

Originally Posted: February 19, 2021
Last Updated: May 14, 2021


The bill would create requirements to responsibly and securely store firearms away from children when they are not in use. It would also create penalties for the unlawful storage of a firearm and for selling devices not properly locked upon completion of the sale. It would require the Office of Suicide Prevention to create, maintain and disseminate information about the penalties associated with unlawful storage to firearms related businesses and  about the importance of safe firearm storage for health care providers with their patients. 


The Children’s Campaign supports this bill. Between 2013 and 2017, 254 Colorado kids and teens died due to firearm injuries, more than half of which were suicides. A 2010 study found that most adolescents who died by firearm suicide used guns obtained from a parent or family member. Studies suggest that child access prevention laws can reduce self-injury from firearms among children and youth and may have spillover effects in reducing suicide among other groups, which is critical in Colorado where suicide is a driving cause of maternal mortality. 

Current Status

Governor signed 

Previous Statuses

April 16, 2021

Passed out the Senate on a vote of 20-15. It now heads to the governor’s desk for signature. 

April 9, 2021

Passed out the Senate Judiciary Committee on a vote of 3-2 and now heads to the Senate floor for a vote. Erica Manoatl, Manager of Research Initiatives, testified in support of the bill.  

March 12, 2021

Passed out the House on March 9th and was introduced in the Senate on March 10th and assigned to the Judiciary Committee.  

February 19, 2021

Introduced in the House on Feb. 16 and assigned to the House State, Civic, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee 

February 26, 2021

Assigned to the House State, Civic, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee to be heard on Monday Mar. 1 at 1:30pm in the Old State Library.  

March 5, 2021

Passed the House, State, Civic, Military and Veteran Affairs Committee on a 7-4 vote and goes on to the House floor for a vote. Erica Manoatl, Manager of Research Initiatives, testified in support of the bill.