HB20-1138 (Coleman & Larson/Bridges & Gardner) Real Property Index

Originally Posted: February 21, 2020
Last Updated: June 19, 2020


This bill would require each state agency, state institution of higher education, and political subdivision of the state to submit to the Office of the State Architect a list of all usable real property owned by or under the control of the agency, institution, or political subdivision of the state.


The Children’s Campaign supports this bill. It would require government transparency in sharing information about usable real property in the state, including what facilities are available, where the real property is located, the size of the real property, and how the real property is zoned. This would benefit providers in the early childhood, education and health sectors as they work to pursue facility needs.

Current Status

Died in House Appropriations Committee

Previous Status

February 21, 2020

Introduced and assigned to House Transportation & Local Government and House Appropriations Committees.