HB19-1333 (Caraveo/Fields) Cigarette Tobacco & Nicotine Products Tax

Originally Posted: May 3, 2019
Last Updated: May 3, 2019


This bill would refer a tobacco tax increase to voters through the 2019 ballot. If the measure were to pass it would increase the cigarette tax by 8.75 cents per cigarette; increase the tobacco products tax by 22% of the manufacturer’s list price; and create a tax on nicotine products to 62% of the manufacturer’s list price, which would be the same total tax as the tax levied on tobacco products with the proposed increase. In general, the revenue collected from the proposed taxes will be split between purposes related to health care and education, including preschool programs and expanded learning opportunities. 


The Colorado Children’s Campaign Supports this bill as a proven way to reduce nicotine use, especially because Colorado has the highest percentage of youth vaping in the country. In addition, Colorado saw one of its most significant drops in preterm birth and infant mortality when it increased the tax on tobacco products in 2005 and instituted Clean Indoor Air Act requirements. In addition, Colorado will invest new revenue from this measure in programs that further support the health and educational experiences of children. These include significant investments in expanding and enhancing the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP), our state’s home-grown and evidence-based early childhood education program, investing in key health insurance and behavioral health programs for our children and youth, and bolstering children’s access to out-of-school learning opportunities, including after-school and summer learning programs. 

Current Status

The bill was lost on second reading in the Senate.