HB19-1002 (McLachlan & Wilson/Zenzinger) Leadership Professional Development for School Principals

Originally Posted: January 18, 2019
Last Updated: June 5, 2019


The bill creates the School Leadership Pilot Program to provide professional development for public middle and high school principals. The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for high quality school principals to share best practices related to school climate and culture, improving educator retention, and student outcomes. School leaders can apply to receive professional development through the program grant during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 budget years.


The Children’s Campaign supports the bill. It provides a structure for school leaders to come together to better understand communities of practice. It also provides funding support for school leaders to establish proven strategies within their respective schools. This represents just one strategy to recruit and retain high quality teachers so that all Colorado students have the opportunity to learn and thrive.


Current Status

Signed by the governor on May 31 

Previous Statuses

January 18, 2019

Passed the House Education Committee on a vote of 11-1 and now heads to the House Appropriations Committee.

April 19, 2019

Passed the Senate State, Military and Veteran Affairs Committee unanimously and the Senate Appropriations Committee on a bipartisan vote of 8-2 and now heads to the Senate floor for a vote.