HB18-1260 (Ginal & Jackson/Moreno) Prescription Drug Price Transparency

Originally Posted: March 2, 2018
Last Updated: March 9, 2018


This bill requires prescription drug manufacturers to provide advance public notice of drug price increases and an explanation of price increases that exceed 10 percent in the previous two years. The bill also requires health insurers to report annually on spending for the top 25 drugs that are most costly, most prescribed, and have the highest price increases each year.


The Children’s Campaign supports this bill as a way to provide consumers with more information about prescription drug prices, price increases, and spending. The price of prescription drugs and increases in those prices contribute to high health insurance costs for families in Colorado. Overall, 1 in 10 Coloradans report that they did not fill a prescription due to cost in the last year, and this percentage increases to 16 percent of among Coloradans who purchase individual health insurance. Five percent of Colorado children had parents who reported that they were unable to fill a prescription for their child due to cost.

Current Status

Passed the House Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee on a 7-6 vote and now heads to the House Appropriations Committee

Previous Status

March 2, 2018

Assigned to the House Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee