HB1011 (Wilson & Buckner/Pettersen & Story) Helping Others Manage Early Childhood Act

Originally Posted: February 7, 2020
Last Updated: June 19, 2020


This bill would create the HOME Act, which would create a public awareness campaign, a series of multi-county workshops for early childhood providers, and a series of regional workshops designed on how to start an early child care center or preschool.


The Children’s Campaign supports this bill as a necessary step to address the child care shortage across Colorado. According to our most recent data, there are at least 247,000 Colorado children under the age of six with both parents in the work force. However, through our state’s licensed child care centers, family child care homes and preschools, we only have enough capacity to serve 151,000 kids, at most. This leaves 96,000 children in Colorado without access to licensed child care.

Current Status

Died in House Appropriations Committee

Previous Status

February 7, 2020

Passed out of the House Education Committee on a vote of 8-4 on Feb. 4 and now heads to the House Appropriations Committee. Riley Kitts, our Government Affairs Director, testified in support.