HB 16-1137 (Klingenschmitt / Lundberg) Nicotine Products Warning Label

Originally Posted: February 12, 2016
Last Updated: February 12, 2016


This proposal would require any packaged nicotine product that does not contain tobacco, such as dissolvables, drinks and liquid nicotine that is used with electronic cigarettes, to have a warning label on the package stating, “Warning: Contains Addictive Nicotine.” The bill was amended to include a requirement that any such product include an additional label stating, “Keep out of the reach of children,” in alignment with language that is already required in the toxic chemical, pharmaceutical, and retail marijuana industries.


The Children’s Campaign supported this proposal as amended as a way to prevent children from ingesting nicotine products that can be harmful or dangerous. Hospitals around the country are reporting exponential growth in the number of cases of unintentional ingestion of these liquid nicotine products. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nationally, approximately 215 calls per month to poison control centers are related to liquid nicotine or e-cigarette products. Adding child safety language to labels would add another layer of protection to help ensure these dangerous products do not get into the hands of young children.

Current Status

The House Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee voted to postpone this bill indefinitely.