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Ballot Measures

Each year during the general election, Colorado voters consider a number of issues important to kids. It's up to each of us to research the issues on our ballots, and to reach out to candidates as early and as often as possible, asking them to make Colorado kids a priority in their campaigns and legislative agendas. We've compiled some tools to help you, including:

Annual Ballot Measures

Please use the following annual ballot measures to reach out to candidates before the election with data and information about child well-being so that they can do their homework, establish or refine their positions, and be well-informed policy makers before they get to work. Thank you for your partnership in this effort!

2016 Ballot Measures

2016 Ballot Measures

Date Posted: January 1, 2016
Election Date: November 8, 2016

The Colorado Children’s Campaign Board of Directors has adopted positions on a number of ballot measures before voters in the 2016 General Election.

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