ACTION ALERT: Ask our Senators to Protect Colorado Kids in Health Reform Debate

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: June 21, 2017

We need you! PLEASE CALL OUR SENATORS TODAY to ask them to ensure that federal health reform protects Colorado Kids. Senate efforts to pass federal health reform—modeled on the American Health Care Act passed by the House last month—are heating up. The Senate may vote on final legislation next week, which could be sent to the President for his signature before the 4th of July.

Phone numbers are below – please call now.

Our Senators need to hear from you – they need to hear your personal stories and why Medicaid and affordable health insurance are important to families in your community. While a draft of the legislation has not been released, there are several elements of the policy conversation that could jeopardize health care for kids in Colorado.

If you would like more background on the current debate in the Senate, feel free to watch this recorded webinar where Erin Miller, our Vice President of Health Initiatives, describes the Senate bill process and areas of concern for Colorado kids.

Call Senator Gardner: 202-224-5941 – emphasize any of these points that speak to you:

  • Your personal stories about why Medicaid and affordable health insurance are important in your community.
  • The need for transparency and expert review – Senators should not reshape one sixth of the U.S. economy and health insurance coverage of millions of people without sufficient time for review of the final bill language. Senators need to review and so do we.
  • Medicaid funding is essential to protect Colorado kids and parents. The proposed restructuring of Medicaid financing will shift costs to the states, force states to make impossible choices, and kids will get hurt.
  • Colorado will be punished for our efficiency. We would be punished for being a low-spending state per capita in our Medicaid program, especially for our kids. Our past efficiency would mean that we were forever getting a smaller piece of the pie.
  • Medicaid is most important in our rural areas and an important tool in helping our communities deal with the rise in opioid addiction.
  • Colorado will be particularly harmed by our constitutional financial constraints.
  • Tax credits need to make coverage more affordable in our rural areas.

Call Senator Bennet: 202-224-5097

  • Thank him for his commitment to Colorado kids.
  • Tell him that we need him to do everything he can as a member of the Senate to ensure there is time for review and careful analysis of the bill, and its impact on Colorado kids, before a vote.
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