Act NOW to ensure Coloradans vote on a Fair Tax in November!

Written by: Children's Campaign
Date Posted: July 10, 2020

The Children’s Campaign supports equitable access to opportunity for children and families who face the greatest barriers and works to combat systemic inequities written into policy that have been playing out for decades. One critical way to support economic security for all Colorado children and families is to ensure that our tax code does not disproportionately burden lower-income families. By implementing a graduated income tax, Initiative 271 (formally known as Fair Tax Colorado) will make critical investments in education, improve our financial sustainability and create a more equitable, progressive tax structure.

Last week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled against a recent executive order from Gov. Polis that would have allowed voters to add their signature electronically to initiatives trying to make the November ballot. Unfortunately, this means that single-line petitions signed in support of Initiative 271 will not be considered valid.

With signatures due to the Secretary of State at the end of this month, we need your help to ensure Fair Tax Colorado qualifies for the 2020 ballot. Here’s how:

Luckily, there are three ways to safely sign a petition. You can also encourage others to support Fair Tax Colorado by carrying a petition or participating in Fair Tax Saturdays. Here’s what you can do:

  • Get in touch with a mobile petition carrier. Fair Tax Colorado volunteers are ready to meet with you so you can sign a petition in person. Learn more here.
  • Find a signing location near you. Find the pop-up signing location closest to you now.
  • Get, sign, and carry a traditional petition. Click here to request your own petition to sign and carry, which will be mailed to your door. Even 3-10 signatures from family and friends will make a big difference!
  • Already filled out your petition? Get it notarized and return it to the campaign! If you need help finding a notary, email or Return your notarized petition to the Fair Tax Colorado office by Saturday, July 25 (1905 Sherman St., Suite 200, Denver, CO 80203).

Coloradans deserve a chance to vote on a Fair Tax in November. Help us get there!

This November’s ballot will carry several initiatives that impact Colorado’s kids and families and the long-term sustainability of critical programs, including referred measures to repeal the Gallagher Amendment and fund universal access to preschool with new or increased taxes on tobacco and vaping products. Stay tuned to learn more about the Children’s Campaign’s involvement in these and other measures, but in the meantime, please act NOW to make sure that Fair Tax Colorado will be on the ballot!

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