Act NOW to demand your U.S. Senator protect public health

Written by: Erin Miller
Date Posted: March 13, 2020

Congressional leaders are working on a deal to protect people as the coronavirus takes hold. The House version of the bill includes policies critical for child well-being including:

  • Protecting food security including providing emergency funding to expand SNAP for children who would otherwise receive reduced-price school meals but whose schools are closed for the COVID-19 emergency, and suspending SNAP work requirements.
  • Providing emergency paid sick leave for families.
  • Allowing flexibility for school and child care meals to be served without requiring students to congregate in one place.
  • Ensuring free coverage of COVID-19 tests for people with private health insurance coverage, Medicaid, Native Americans receiving contract health services, and those without insurance coverage.
  • Increasing federal matching payments for Medicaid and CHIP to help keep our state budget whole as more people need to seek health services related to COVID-19 and people lose their jobs and need coverage through our Medicaid program.

The House bill should be approved by the Senate without being watered down.

How you can help:

Call 1-844-633-2048 or Text COVID19 to 747464 to be connected to your Senator’s office.

Once you are connected with a staffer or answering machine, leave a message like this:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am from [CITY/STATE]. I’m calling Sen. [SENATOR NAME] to urge them to pass the House’s coronavirus response bill before they leave for recess, and without watering it down at all. We need Congress to lead by protecting the health, safety, and financial security of people across the country. The House bill does this by ensuring people have the sick leave, nutrition assistance, free testing, and other basic services and supports they need to handle an extended outbreak. Will [SENATOR NAME] promise to pass the House bill before they leave for recess, and without watering it down at all?

Erin Miller

About Erin Miller

Erin serves as the Vice President of Health Initiatives for the Colorado Children’s Campaign, leading efforts to improve health insurance coverage and quality for Colorado’s kids, improve access to health services, and ensure that every child has healthy places to live, learn, and play. Prior to joining the Children’s Campaign in September 2015, Erin worked on the Accountable Care Collaborative team at the Colorado Department of Health Policy and Financing. She has extensive experience evaluating federal, state, and local policies related to Medicaid, CHIP, the Affordable Care Act, and public health programs as well as working with legislators, policymakers, constituents, and other stakeholders to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. Her professional experiences range from serving as a WIC Educator and Local Area Retail Coordinator for Denver Health to serving as a Special Assistant in the HHS Office of Planning and Evaluation in Washington DC and as a Health Policy Adviser and Budget Analyst for the U.S. House Budget Committee.