Shayla Riggle

Title: Strategic Events Coordinator

Shayla is the Strategic Events Coordinator for the Colorado Children’s Campaign. She is responsible for the conceptualization, coordination and execution of strategic events in order to raise awareness about the well-being of kids, bring supporters, donors and advocates into our work, and build consensus for policies that ensure every chance for every child in Colorado. Under the direction of the Development Director, Shayla facilitates an array of outreach, fundraising and policy events critical to advance the mission of the Colorado Children’s Campaign.

Things You May Not Know:

Hometown: Corona, CA
College: The American Academy of Dramatic Arts & Antioch University
Major: Performing Arts, Film Production, and Business
Favorite Children’s Book: It’s a toss-up between The Magic School Bus & The Berenstain Bears
Your Mom Always Said…: Always do you best and never ever give up
Favorite Thing About Life In Colorado: I love the fresh air and no LA traffic
Favorite Denver Restaurant: Rock Yard
If You Were A Car, What Kind You Would Be: 1946 Triumph 1800 Roadster
Biggest Pet Peeve: Bullies, I will never understand it
Worst Job You’ve Ever Had: I encourage people to ask me about this because it’s a long story. I will say it involves working at a new restaurant and being hired as a hostess, but being asked by the owner to cook so that he can appeal to more people of color
Dream Job:  I would say I am currently on track to building that for myself
Best Thing About Working At CCC: The people. Everyone is so passionate and its infectious
Who You Idolize Most: Michelle Obama, RuPaul, Viola Davis, and Mark Hamill
Your Greatest Extravagance: I am a firm believer in pampering yourself on vacation. So, I would say my vacations with my husband and my girl trips
Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Kings. I’ve been a fan since 1989 when the Great One touched our ice.
Proudest Accomplishment: One of my proudest accomplishments is starting my own channel on Roku. I am huge believer in having multiple streams of income and building generational wealth.
Favorite News Personality: Don Lemon, Trevor Noah, and Joy-Ann Reid
Night Owl or Early Bird: Night Owl
Favorite Book: Huge Tolkien fan ever since I was in 6th grade it will always be my favorite but then Dune was introduced to me in 8th grade so I loved that series. I’m also a fan of the X-Men & Spectrum comic books.
Your Motto: Team work makes the dream work