Rob Sherow as a Child

Rob Sherow

Title: Design Manager

Rob Sherow is the Design Manager for Colorado Children’s Campaign.

Things You May Not Know:

Hometown: Marion, New York
College: Buffalo State College, NY, BS / Architectural Engineering,
Major: Graphic Design, Buffalo State / Architectural Engineering, Alfred State
Favorite Children's Book: Watership Down
Your Mom Always Said…: Never ASSUME, because when you do you make an ASS out of U and ME.
Favorite Thing About Life In Colorado: Sunny 300 days of the year!
Favorite Denver Restaurant: Chop House
If You Were A Car, What Kind Would You Be:  1969 Chevy Chevelle Super Sport
Biggest Pet Peeve: People talking on the phone and driving at the same time.
Worst Job You've Ever Had: Picking weeds in a cabbage field.
Dream Job: Professional Baseball Player
Job You Wouldn't Do In A Million Years: Anything to do with heights. Bridge worker, window washer, etc.
Favorite Colorado Getaway: Beaver Creek
Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees
Favorite News Personality: Tom Green
Night Owl or Early Bird: Night Owl
Thing You Can't Live Without: Internet
Favorite Bumper Sticker: I have the body of a GOD ... Buddha
Word Or Phrase You Most Overuse: COOL!