Cristal Ibarra

Title: Administrative Director

As the Administrative Director, Cristal  is responsible for providing administrative support and the coordination of office operations and administrative processes to promote organizational efficiency and the mission of Colorado Children’s Campaign. Cristal was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, but considers herself a Colorado native. She has several years of administrative experience working in nonprofits, hospitals, and law firms across the Denver area. In 2012, Cristal served as an AmeriCorps member at Mile High Youth Corps where she developed her passion for helping communities facing barriers to economic security. Cristal has also worked at Boulder County LEAP, a program that assists families with low incomes access energy assistance.

Most recently, she worked as the Senior Administrative Assistant to the Social Work and Integrative and Creative Care Departments at Children’s Hospital Colorado. In that role, she directly supported directors and helped coordinate $1+ million in family aid requests, helping thousands of families access lodging, food, and transportation resources. Her passion to contribute to positive change in Colorado has led her to Colorado Children’s Campaign. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, singing in the car, and spending time with her husband and two boys.

Things You May Not Know:

Hometown: I was born in Corpus Christi, TX, but would say my hometown is Thornton, CO.
Favorite Children’s Book: The Harry Potter series
Favorite Thing About Life In Colorado: The beautiful mountains.
Favorite Denver Restaurant: Bourbon Grill
If You Were A Car, What Kind You Would Be: An SUV
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who are rude for no reason.
Worst Job You’ve Ever Had: Call center, for sure.
Best Job You've Ever Had: Mile High Youth Corps
Dream Job: My current job
Job You Wouldn't Do In A Million Years: Scammer
Best Thing About Working At The Children’s Campaign: Work/life balance and being able to be a part of the positive change that we help create for children and families in Colorado.
Who You Idolize Most: Probably not the most, but Tim Duncan is pretty close.
Most Likely To Be Found On A Slow Friday Afternoon: Picking up tacos and picking out a movie on Netflix.
Favorite Colorado Getaway: Dillon is a cute little place
Favorite Sports Team: San Antonio Spurs
Proudest Accomplishment: Always remaining myself even through some very tough tribulations in my life. Always being kind.
Favorite News Personality: Trevor Noah
Night Owl or Early Bird: Night Owl
Thing You Can’t Live Without: My family
Favorite Bumper Sticker: Life is better with a dog.
Word Or Phrase You Most Overuse: Amazing
Thing That Makes You Stand Out From Others: I think my kindness stands out.
Your Motto: Believe in yourself.