Colorado Children’s Campaign Supports Amendment 73

Contact: Tara Manthey
Title: Vice President of Advocacy and Communications
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Colorado Children’s Campaign Supports Amendment 73


August 9th, 2018

DENVER—Statement from Kelly Causey, President and CEO of the Colorado Children’s Campaign, on today’s announcement that the Secretary of State’s office has verified enough signatures for Amendment 73 to be included on the statewide ballot in November 2018:

The Colorado Children’s Campaign supports Amendment 73 and applauds Coloradans for demonstrating their desire to see it on the ballot.

This measure is an opportunity to put kids at the center of our school funding system and strengthen the future of our state. The Colorado Children’s Campaign supports Amendment 73 because it includes foundational, state-wide investments in the critical early years, including preschool and full-day kindergarten. We support it because it would provide adequate funding to meet the unique needs of all students. These are investments which research have shown to have a strong link to student success.

The measure directs the Colorado legislature to correct our decades-old funding formula so it is more equitable. It also would stabilize property tax systems to make funding more sustainable over time, and it would require ongoing accountability for how districts spend the additional dollars.

Amendment 73 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create an education financing system that is more adequate, modern, equitable and sustainable. This is the first step in removing structural barriers to opportunity and ensuring every chance for every child to succeed. We strongly urge Coloradans to vote yes in November.



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