Colorado Children’s Campaign Statement on 2022 Midterm Election Results

Contact: Jackie Zubrzycki
Title: Communications Director
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Colorado Children’s Campaign Statement on 2022 Midterm Election Results


November 10th, 2022

DENVER—The Colorado Children’s Campaign celebrates Coloradans’ support for the health and well-being of kids and families in the 2022 election. The permanent Healthy School Meals for All program created by Proposition FF will help ensure that no child goes hungry because they cannot afford a nutritious meal.  

“This program is an important step toward reducing food insecurity in Colorado and ensuring more kids have regular access to healthy food,” said Megan Ives, Senior Policy Analyst.  

“Colorado is one of the first states to support healthy school meals in this way and we know it’s good news for students,” said Policy Analyst Hunter Nelson. “The evidence is clear that universal school meals eliminate lunch debt, reduce stigma, bullying, and suspensions, and improve academic outcomes.” 

Colorado voters also supported Proposition 121 to reduce the state’s income tax rate. The Children’s Campaign opposed this measure, which will exacerbate funding challenges for education, child care, public health, and other critical services. This reduction also reinforces the disproportionate burden our tax system places on Coloradans with lower incomes. 

The Children’s Campaign supported Denver Initiative 305, which did not pass. Amid rising rent and housing inequity, we remain committed to supporting programs and policies that make our systems fairer and keep families in their homes.  

We are encouraged by the initial results showing that Colorado voters are supporting Proposition 123. This initiative makes important investments in addressing the affordable housing crisis currently affecting kids and families across the state.  

The Children’s Campaign congratulates the Coloradans who have been elected to serve and represent our state. We look forward to working with you to ensure every chance for every child.  


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