august, 2021

28augalldayalldayAdventurelandAn interactive health equity board game(All Day: saturday)

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Event Details

This is your moment to show off your navigation, artistic, trivia, physical and logic skills, to advance your team to the finish line in our interactive board game, Adventureland! This immersive, live board game event merges team-based challenges with factoid trivia, and opportunities to learn more about the need to ensure health equity for kids and families in Colorado.  Aristotle once wrote “adventure is worthwhile”, and by joining the Children’s Campaign on a health equity adventure through the city of Denver, you and your team will embark on quite a worthwhile journey.   


Children and families across Colorado face a variety of barriers at all levels of society that prevent them from leading their healthiest lives. These barriers impact access to quality health care, safe housing, clean air and water, safe places to play and recreate and so much more. During this event, you and your team will receive a series of clues and solve them in order to advance along a real-life, interactive game board throughout the Denver metro area. The various game board “spaces” represent the factors at play when pursuing health equity like social, economic and environmental conditions, healthy behaviors, injury, disease and mortality. Be prepared to put your heads together and your skills to the test in order to advance through the game, while you learn more about health equity.   

Gather, name and register your team consisting of two to six family members, friends, coworkers, new acquaintances, and others who appreciate a fun team-based challenge! And most importantly show your support for Colorado kids and families!  


All Day (Saturday)