Featured Guest – 2016 Annual Luncheon

Wes Moore – National Youth Advocate, Military Officer, Rhodes Scholar, and Author of “The Other Wes Moore”

Wes MooreIn his first novel, Moore explored the divergent flight paths children can take when their opportunity is limited by poverty, racism and toxic stress. Mentors, teachers, parents, and community connections ensured every opportunity for him to graduate Phi Beta Kappa, excel as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, serve our country as a military officer and White House Fellow, succeed as a business leader, and give back to his community as a civic icon. Yet, another young man with his same name, same neighborhood, and many of his same circumstances instead was sentenced to a life in prison for murder.

His new book, “The Work: My Search for a Life That Matters”, examines the impact we make when our greatest joys overlap with the world’s greatest needs. Wes Moore believes that potential in this country is universal, but opportunity is not. The difference between potential and results is the space where advocates, mentors, parents, teachers, and policymakers must do our best work. In his words, “we will only find our best work when we lose ourselves in the service of others.”