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Children's Campaign Board of Directors

The Children’s Campaign Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders from across Colorado. Our diverse mix of members bring content area expertise and functional skills to advance the work of the organization. We value diverse opinions and perspectives and seek to recruit members from across the state and political spectrum, as well as a mix of men and women, different races and ethnic backgrounds, and members with varying life experience. Our Board of Directors meets six times a year with one day-long retreat. The Board of Directors is supported by the Colorado Children's Campaign's dedicated staff.

Sharlene Keithley as an adult

Sharlene Keithley, MBA

Board Position: Chair of the Board

Rosemary Rodriguez

Board Position: Vice-Chair of the Board

Ryan D. Cobbins as an adult

Ryan Cobbins

Board Position: Past Chair

Millie Hamner

Board Position: Treasurer

Sarah Allen

Board Position: Secretary

Lance Bolton

Charlotte Brantley

Matt DeAngelis

Al Dominguez, JD

Rachele Espiritu, PhD

Shanna Farmer

Vangi McCoy

Tallerita Tunney Rogers, MSW, MPA

Kait Schwartz

Kerry Tipper, JD

Dr. Shale Wong