SB 17-003 (Smallwood/Neville) Repeal Colorado Health Benefit Exchange

Summary: This bill repeals the bi-partisan 2010 state law that established Connect for Health Colorado, our state-run insurance Marketplace where consumers can shop for health plans and receive tax credits and subsidies to help them afford those plans.

Position: The Children’s Campaign opposes this bill. Repealing the state Marketplace would require the state to move to the federal Marketplace platform, requiring all Coloradans who are currently enrolled in plans through Connect for Health Colorado to re-enroll. The bill would also limit the flexibility that Colorado has in innovating and designing our own state solution. The bill would limit our ability to integrate public health insurance programs, including Medicaid and CHP+, into our Marketplace, making switching between insurance plans more difficult for consumers, would result in the closing of our local call center in Colorado Springs, and would mean that appeals would be handled at the federal level, rather than having a local, Colorado-based process. It could also decrease the stability of our individual insurance market. Private health plans are likely to play a role in providing health insurance coverage in the individual market in any future federal health reform plan, and so it is important to maintain our state-based solution for allowing Coloradans to compare easily the costs and benefits of plans in their region.

Current Status: Passed the Senate Finance Committee on a party line 3-2 vote and now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Erin Miller, our VP of Health Initiatives, testified in opposition to the bill.

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