Colorado School Finance Partnership: Report and Recommendations


Over the last several years, Colorado has emerged as a national leader in crafting innovative solutions to challenges facing its public schools and looking at new ways to provide a high quality education to all of its students. But Colorado’s mechanism for financing its public schools, the School Finance Act (SFA), saw its last major overhaul nearly 20 years ago. From a practical perspective, this means that Colorado is still funding its schools according to formulas that were implemented before state education reform policies, No Child Left Behind and even prior to when CSAPs became part of the state’s approach to assessing students. From a historical perspective, school financing systems are usually updated every decade, both in Colorado and across the country.

Constitutional provisions and changes in education strategies and priorities leave Colorado with a school funding mechanism that is outdated, inadequate, unequal and unrelated to student achievement. Now is the time for Colorado to find an equitable, innovative, bi‐partisan solution to funding its schools that is aligned with goals for student achievement and, ultimately, is viable for statewide support.

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