KC16 coverKIDS COUNT in Colorado! is an annual publication of the Children’s Campaign, providing state and county level data on child well-being factors including child health, education and economic status. Since its first release in 1993, KIDS COUNT in Colorado! has become the most trusted source for data and information on Colorado children and is relied upon by lawmakers, community leaders and child advocates to inform policy debates and community discussions on issues impacting kids.

The Children’s Campaign released the 2016 report on March 28, 2016 at the Colorado State Capitol with Gov. John Hickenlooper.

This year’s report, Futures in the Balance, examines many outcomes by geography, income, race and ethnicity to better understand why Colorado’s impressive economic growth hasn’t reached all kids. A declining child poverty rate is among several important indicators of child well-being that are improving in Colorado. The drop in the poverty rate in 2014 marks the first consecutive decline in more than a decade. However, disparities in well-being persist and improvements are not reaching all children.

2016 KIDS COUNT materials (click to download):

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