Capitol Update: Child Care Accessibility, Bilingual Students, Connect for Health Colorado Budget Request, and More

SB17-110 (Crowder & Kefalas) Accessibility of Exempt Family Child Care

Colorado’s current law exempting some forms of child care from licensing is unclear about current informal child care arrangements such as sharing a nanny or other informal in-home care. This bill would clarify that when someone is caring for no more than four children, including no more than two children under two years of age, they are exempt from child care licensing. Read more about the bill and why the Children’s Campaign strongly supports it here.

SB17-061 (Hill & Williams/Sias) Funding for Charter Operating Costs

This bill requires school districts to distribute local locally raised tax dollars equally, on a per-student basis, to the school district charter schools. Read more about the bill and why the Children’s Campaign strongly supports it here.

Medicaid Funding for Connect for Health Colorado

This budget item would allow Connect for Health Colorado, our state-run insurance Marketplace, to be reimbursed for costs related to determining whether a family is eligible for Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) as part of its work to help families find affordable health coverage in the state of Colorado.  Connect for Health Colorado is currently performing these eligibility determinations and is not being reimbursed for its costs and the state is also not able to draw down the available federal reimbursement for these costs. Read more about the budget request and why the Children’s Campaign supports it here.

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